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Contemporary Issues Toastmasters

Be a part of a groundbreaking Toastmasters experience.

Hone your communications and leadership skills.

Refine your message to make a stronger impact.

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters Club...

Why should you join?

Do you have a message you want to share with the world? 

Watch Our Invitation Now or Read below for more details... 

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters is a new club forming right now.

You can become a charter member.


We will focus on people passionate about their issues:

contemporary, political, or hot-button


Looking to learn how to deliver an impactful message without divisiveness?


Our goal is to empower our members to

speak on stage, on television, on social media or in person.



To be heard.

To move your audience to action.

To infuse your powerful voice with empathy and understanding.

To exude the power of inclusiveness in every endeavor. 

Our Mission

Toastmaster International’s Mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. All clubs are designed to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Our core values are integrityrespectservice and excellence.


Contemporary Issues Toastmasters is a specialty club focused on leaders and influencers who want to deliver messages with impact. As such, our members are allowed to focus on those issues

contemporary, political, and hot-button

to practice presenting them in safe space. 

This club encourages 

inclusiveempathiccivil debate about topics that matter, in order to receive Toastmasters’

constructive and

collaborative feedback.

Your Call To Action

To successfully launch this specialty club,

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters must gather 25-30 new members to Toastmasters International.

In addition, we can add in any number of current toastmasters who are interested in dual club membership.  

To meet this goal, we are launching a Speechcraft on March 16, 2022 at 10 am Pacific time in partnership with Heart2Heart and Oakland 88 Toastmasters Clubs.

Speechcraft is a workshop over eight sessions that will help participants advance their professional and personal communications through a condensed version of the Toastmasters member experience.

Speechcrafters report a boost in confidence as well as improved communications, presentations, public speaking and leadership skills.  

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters is looking for potential new members who will join either Heart2Heart or Oakland 88 to participate in the upcoming Speechcraft event. Once completed, this group will participate in weekly Contemporary Issues Toastmasters club meetings to continue practicing their skills. We are eager to get launched!  

Join us to learn how to effectively spread your message,

and help shape this critically needed platform.  

What are your next steps? 

1. Fill out the Contemporary Issues Toastmasters survey and let us know your interest and intent. Click Here.

2. Share this flyer with your friends and followers who might be interested in Contemporary Issues Toastmasters and Speechcraft with you! Remember, the more the Merrier! 

3. Join us now! Speak with Kimi Avary at [email protected] or Steve Taddei at [email protected] about your goals. 


What is the vision and mission for this Toastmasters club?

Contemporary Issues Toastmasters is a specialty club focused on leaders who want to deliver messages with impact. As such, our members are allowed to focus on those issues – contemporary, political, and hot-button – to practice presenting them in safe space. This club encourages inclusive, empathic, civil debate about topics that matter, in order to receive Toastmasters' style constructive and collaborative feedback. ​​

Why is this club forming?​

Many folks expressed an interest in getting better at public speaking, as well as, changing the current divisiveness in public debates. This club will focus on how to approach differing opinions and messages in a more inclusive manner to engender civil debates and discourse. 

What are the benefits of joining the Speechcraft and becoming a charter member of Contemporary Issues Toastmasters?

The Speechcraft experience is a fun, informative way to introduce you to the Toastmasters concepts to improve speaking "on stage," online, and in person. This workshop will give you practical knowledge, and a safe, supportive environment to practice new skills. In addition, the work you do in Speechcraft will be documented in Toastmasters Pathways learning system, so you will gain credit towards Toastmasters learning goals.

Joining the Speechcraft first and becoming a charter member of the new Contemporary Issues Toastmasters club will help you become proficient in delivering your impactful message about the issues that matter to you in an empathic and understandable way while empowering your listeners to move to action. Our goal is to support you in being concise, coherent and influential. 

What if you are passionate about an issue that often causes arguments and dissension?

Our goal for Contemporary Issues Toastmasters is to help you to speak effectively about what is important to you. To do that, we will all explore ways to talk about those "hot-button" issues in an inspiring way so that you will be heard.

What are some benefits to Contemporary Issues Toastmasters?

Benefits include:

  • Being able to speak about what is important to you.
  • Agilely move to find a middle ground with others to allow for a civil conversation. 
  • Developing acute listening skills that allow you to hear what others value.
  • Expanding your curiosity skills that move you from "furious to curious."
  • Preparing you to respond thoughtfully and deliberately, rather than emotionally and chaotically.
  • Crafting your message to allow you to tailor your story to the moment.
  • Developing skills that lead to greater impact and move your audience to action.

Will this be an online club or will there be physical meetings?

At this time, we are planning this to be an online experience via zoom. As the pandemic wanes, we as a group will discuss hosting meetings at a convenient location while continuing as a hybrid club through streaming our meetings to enable our distance folks to continue participating.

Online meetings will allow for a greater sphere for outreach, allowing potential members to come from all over the United States and internationally.

How much will this cost me to join?

The cost to join Toastmasters and the 8-session Speechcraft and the sponsoring club is $75.00 (U.S.)  This covers:

  • Six months of Toastmasters International club dues for your sponsoring club. (Heart2Heart or Oakland 88)
  • The one-time new member Toastmasters fee
  • The Speechcraft fee.

Information about Speechcraft will be available when you sign up.

(Current Toastmaster's members will have a different fee structure.)

How do I sign up for Speechcraft?

Start by reaching out to either Kimi Avary at [email protected] or Steve Taddei at [email protected]

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